QSL cards

Believe it or not - even after thousands and thousands of QSOs I still love to

collect QSL cards. And I will confirm all first contacts with a traditional paper


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But ... I also love to work DX and collect awards and I definitely see the advantage of the modern form of QSLing i.e. LOTW, eQSL and other systems. This way you don’t have to sort through thousands of QSLs to find the ones you need for an award, send them by mail to have them checked and risk maybe losing them forever when the envelope never shows up again. All it takes is just a click of a button. No risk and still a lot of fun ... And that is why ...

… I do not only send out paper QSLs but in addition to 

that upload all my contacts to LOTW and eQSL. If you 

don’t like this new form of QSL confirmation just ignore 

it. If you’re not registered with eQSL no eQSL card will 

ever harass you.

By the way - eQSL ...

a request to everybody who uses eQSL:

Dear OM and YL, eQSLs are ONLY valid for awards when the identity of the sender is confirmed by the eQSL sysops, meaning AG- status. All eQSLs from users without AG status are worthless and are nothing more than just a file on your computer harddisk ...
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